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Sean Fletcher, Managing Director, 1st Choice Packaging Manufacturers Ltd

Overnight our premises had been broken into and a machine crucial to my company’s operation was set alight. Our insurance company were refusing to accept liability on our insurance policy; they claimed that security upgrades they had requested and which had been carried out had not been carried out to the required standard. We engaged NSG Security Consultants at our insurance company’s request. NSG responded quickly to our situation and provided a professional comprehensive report which fairly and accurately showed that even if the security upgrades had been undertaken to the required standard they would not have prevented the arson, and that the Insurance Company Risk assessor had failed to prescribe the right measures to be implemented in the first place. In response, our insurance company have now paid out half a million pounds to cover our losses, which has saved the business from bankruptcy. I would recommend NSG to anyone needing advice and guidance on security matters. It would not be too strong to say that NSG helped us win our claim, preserving the company and the employees. The response from NSG reflects their reputation – brilliant. The service we received – exceptional.