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What We Do

NSG Security Consultants are first and foremeost an evidence based and process led consultancy who approach each assignment as if it were the first, and without any preconceptions - just because something works on one assignment does not mean it will work on another.  Each client's needs are different.  Our approach also means that we understand that there is often a huge gap between academic research and theory, and providing and implementing workable real world solutions.
NSG Security Consultants do not look at security in isloation.  We recognise that to be effective, security needs to 'work with' company and organisational operations.  Embracing new and emerging concepts, including whole life costing and integrated security and safety risk management, NSG Security Consultants remain at the forefront of delivering consultancy solutions that identify specific clients requirements, are bespoke to each client need, and above all work.
The NSG Security Consultancy approach is unique.  So unique that quite often it is not until we have completed an assignment that the client truly understands what we can do for them.
Since May 1996 NSG Security Consultants have undertaken more than 200 separate assignments for more than 70 companies and organisations in both the private and public sectors, including:

Consultancy services have included: