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Where Savings Many Times Greater Than Our Fees is a Regular Feature of Our Work

Our website not only provides an introduction to the consultancy services we provide, but also explains the rationale behind our unique approach to security and safety. An approach well suited and intended to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

NSG Security Consultants are a multi-faceted independent security consultancy, free from any vested commercial interest with the security industry. NSG Security Consultants do not provide security goods, install any security systems or provide any security services - we provide security advice. NSG Security Consultants are management consultants specialising in the field of security, risk and loss prevention. The advice we provide reduces cost and the impact of loss, howsoever caused, whether through crime, acts of terrorism, natural disaster or any other foreseeable means.

In the pages that follow we hope you will learn about the services NSG Security Consultants provide, how we work and what differentiates NSG Security Consultants from others.


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