Who Are NSG Security Consultants?

NSG Security Consultants were established by Nick Saunders, Director and Principal Consultant, following a career spanning 19 years with the Greater Manchester Police, the last three as Crime Prevention Officer for a large metropolitan borough in south Manchester. As a Home Office trained and qualified Crime Prevention and Architectural Liaison Officer, Nick was responsible for advising businesses and organisations how to protect themselves from the effect of crime, and the local authority planning department on secure architectural and environmental design matters relating to new and refurbishment developments. It was during his tenure as Crime Prevention Officer that Nick realised there was a problem with the advice on offer to both businesses and property developers, insofar as it only addressed the frequency with which crime occurred and not the consequences of criminal victimisation (the real cost) – In short the police service and others were only interested in the numbers of crimes being recorded and not the cost of those crimes to the victims, a situation that continues today. Furthermore the advice provided was reactive based upon what was happening, (requiring frequent reassessment in light of new threats) rather than predictive, based upon a much wider range of foreseeable considerations.

Nick also realised that the ‘traditional’ approach to crime prevention and secure architectural and environmental design only dealt with crime and its impact, and failed to take into account other means of loss and risk to property and peoples safety. Furthermore the traditionalist approach to crime prevention can have a detrimental effect on staff morale, with employees being asked to work within a confined environment, which inhibits productivity a situation which for Nick emphasised a need for a change in thinking.

NSG Security Consultants were established to fill this void in the provision of crime reduction, loss prevention and community safety advice and to broaden the perspective to include a much wider range of risks associated with the built environment. An advisory service that would provide a more holistic, realistic and more cost effective solution. A solution which businesses, organisations, property developers and building occupiers can understand and embrace.

NSG Security Consultants were established not just as another security consultancy, but as a consultancy focusing on the management of security and safety issues within the business environment, the one aspect of independent security advice hitherto largely ignored. A philosophy and working methodology was created to provide a more lateral problem solving approach, an approach applicable across all business sectors, other private sector organisations and the public sector.Today Nick continues to challenge the establishment view on security, and through his independent consultancy work has shown that there is an alternative.

NSG Security Consultant’s continuing success is due to its Directors commitment to remain true to its founding principles of:

Independence – A consultancy free of any commercial association with the private security industry
Impartiality - A consultancy that always focuses on the best interests of the Client
Integrity - A consultancy that works to the highest ethical standards
Innovation - A consultancy that is constantly redefining the boundaries of the sectors in which it operates

NSG Security Consultants are:

Members of the Association of Security Consultants
Members of ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security)
Members of the Designing Out Crime Association
Members of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply
Members of the Fire Protection Association
Members of the CCTV User Group
Members of the IP User Group

Nick is a SQSS (Suitably Qualified Security Specialist) as defined by BREEAM HE06 Safety and Security and can carry out Security Needs Assessments. Nick is also a Secured by Design Full Licensed Consultant - "Having satisfied the requirements for consulting on all aspects of the Police Crime Prevention Initiatives 'Secured by Design'.  As a result of holding an unrestricted licence he can give guidance and advice at all stages of any type of Secured by Design development from planning through to completion and up to the stage when a development is signed off by the police service."